Image may contain: 3 people, people dancing and wedding      The nights are drawing in, so keep your feet warm with Swing in
      Rhythm! During December & January we offer you a swing dance
      programme on many different topics. You can pick and choose the
      ones you like.

      Make sure you read the level descriptions carefully and choose
      the lesson is suitable for your level.

      If you are a complete beginner, check out our 'Intro to Lindy
       Hop - learn to swing in an hour', classes, these are for you!

       Registration opens Wednesday 14th November at 18.00. Register here: 



  Taster Lindy Hop classes for absolute beginners

Intro to Lindy hop - learn to swing in an hour!

date & time:  Thursday 6th December, 19.30 – 20.30, 10 euro

                    Tuesday 11th December, 21.00 - 22.00, 10 euro

Looking for a creative, energetic, uplifting partner dance style?! Lindy hop may just be your thing! The dance was first originated in the African American community of Harlem in New York City, during the 1930's and was danced to the jazz music that emerged at that time.
It's popular worldwide for it's dynamic style and the joy it provides to those who dance it!
Curious? Come along to our try-out, we'll help you to dance some basic steps, give you a feeling of this wonderful jazz dance and leave you wanting to learn more!


Teachers: Becky & Jeroen


Balboa classes


Monday 3rd December: Spice up your balboa!

 Your come arounds and promenades will never look the same if you spice them up! Learn how to make your balboa movements more playful and musical with the ingredients that Joost and Ellen will offer in these two winter classes. We will give attention to the balboa"ochos" and fun ways to play with hesitations.


teachers: Ellen & Joost
time: 19.15 - 20.15, All levels; 10 euro
time: 20.30 - 21.30, Blue and above; 10 euro 


Monday 10th December: balboa fancy footwork

 If you want to learn more balboa footwork variations and styling this class is perfect for you! Ellen will lead this balboa solo class and will teach you new ways to dance pure balboa with nice styling variations such as sweeps, kicks and slides. These variations can be added into your dancing independently of your role. This class is perfect for balboa blue and above, but balboa green dancers who like some challenges in their footwork are also very welcome.


Teacher: Ellen
Time: 19.30 - 20.30, 10 euro
level: all balboa levels


Solo Jazz classes


Tuesday 4th December to 19th December (6 hours): Tranky Doo

Along with the Shim-Sham and the Big Apple, the Tranky Doo completes the holy trinity of the original swing-era jazz routines. It is most commonly attributed to Pepsi Bethel, and contains plenty of classic jazz moves, musicality and fun rhythms to play with. It's so versatile, once you know the Tranky Doo, you can throw it in anywhere!
(Please note that the first class ONLY is on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, to avoid Sinterklaas).

teacher: Becky
time: 19.00 – 21.10 (for 3 weeks), 60 euro
level: all levels


Tuesday 11th December: Shim Sham

Tata tadada tadada tadada... yes, it is Shim Sham time!
When 'T'aint what you do' is played during socials, everybody runs to the dancefloor to join in this fun short routine. Maybe you have seen it, and tried to copy it already? Originally a tap dance routine, there are many versions used by Lindy Hoppers, the most popular being choreographed by Frankie Manning.
In this workshop we teach you all the steps and practise the whole routine. No more 'fake it 'til you make it'!

teacher: Deirdre
time: 19.30 – 20.45, 12 euro
level: all levels


Thursday 20th December: Mama's Stew

Mama’s Stew is a fun and energetic routine that used as a warm up by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers and was famously performed by Mama Lu & Her Parkets. Whether you want to push yourself to the limits dancing at speed or perfect some well knows jazz moves this workshop is for you!

teacher: Julia
time: 19.00 – 21.00, 20 euro
level: some jazz experience required, shim sham or similar level


Lindy Hop classes


Friday 14th December: In the Groove, at the groove

In this class Jeroen is joined by guest teacher Aniko, from Paris. They will help you explore some of the grooviest stylings and learn tools to create them ourselves. Get your creative hat on and see you there!

teachers: Jeroen & Aniko
time: 19.00 – 21.10, 20 euro
level: Swing basics 1 & up



Tuesday 18th December: Lindy Lollies

We're not talking about candy here! In Balboa we use a move called Lolly Kicks. In this workshop we will use the same principles of this shape and apply them to Lindy. Lets put those lollies everywhere! No Balboa experience is needed.

Teachers: Deirdre & Finn
Time: 20.00 - 21.30, 15 euro
level: blue and above



 Thursday 3rd January: All the chickens to the right

Everybody swing out, switch, turn and down! In this lesson we will work on a super fun routine. High energy swing and some sweat are your ingredients. You will be challenged to learn the steps fast and with a smile on your face. Some moves, variations, musicality and of course some very cool and sophisticated styling. After this routine, you will definitely have some new inspiration for your own social dancing. If you took part in this winter lesson last year, worry not: the joy and fun is the same, but the routine will be different!

(please note that the routines will be different in each class, to reflect the level)

teachers – Egle & Joost
time: 19.00 – 20.15, All levels; 12 euro 
time: 2030 - 2145, blue and above, 12 euro