The nights are drawing in, so keep your feet warm with Swing in Rhythm! During December we offer you a delectable dance programme on many different topics. You can pick and choose the ones you like.

      Make sure you read the level descriptions carefully and choose the lesson is suitable for your level.

Registration will close 3 days before the class.

Please be aware that your class may be cancelled if not enough participants register.

      If you are a complete beginner, check out our free taster classes, these are for you!


Registration opens Friday 15th November at 18.00. Register here:

Registration for free taster classes opens Monday 18th November at 1700.  





Please note - when registering for these classes, please select the 'pay in cash'option. You will receive a confirmation email asking you to pay by cash.
You can ignore this message - the classes are free!


Taster class - balboa

Do you want to learn some key ingredients to be able to dance faster on the social dance floor, while at the same time learning some balboa basics to incorporate in your dance vocabulary? Then this winter class is meant for you! In this Balboa taster for Lindy dancers we will focus on posture, connection and movement techniques for fast dancing that are typical for the Balboa style. After this class you will survive fast songs on the social dance floor with ease!

After the Balboa Taster you can join us at the bi-weekly Roffa Balboa Praktijk at Jazzcafé Dizzy ( s-Gravendijkwal 127) to practice your newly acquired skills!

Please note that although this class is free, it still requires registration through Lindyplus to ensure the class is balanced and not too full.

Teachers: Team Balboa

Date & Time: Monday 9th December, 2000 - 2130

Level: Beginners

Cost: Free!


Intro to Lindy Hop - learn to Swing dance in an hour!

Looking for a creative, energetic, uplifting partner dance style?! Lindy hop may just be your thing! The dance was first originated in the African American community of Harlem in New York City, during the 1930's and was danced to the jazz music that emerged at that time. It's popular worldwide for it's dynamic style and the joy it provides to those who dance it!

Curious? Come along to our try-out, we'll help you to dance some basic steps, give you a feeling of this wonderful jazz dance and leave you wanting to learn more!

Please note that although this class is free, it still requires registration through Lindyplus to ensure the class is balanced and not too full.

Teachers: Becky & Jeroen

Date & time: Tuesday 10th December, 1930 - 2030

Level: Beginners

Cost: Free!


Taster - Shag for beginners

 In this lesson we go over the fundamentals of collegiate shag: the basic footwork pattern, the different positions and some essential moves. Everything you need to dance a song of collegiate shag, the fast and crazy dance!

Please note that although this class is free, it still requires registration through Lindyplus to ensure the class is balanced and not too full.

Teachers: Team Shag

Date & time: Wednesday 11th December, 2000 - 2100

Level: Beginners

Cost: Free!




Swing out variations

The swingout is the most iconic move in lindy hop and that is why we are dedicating an entire class to make it even fancier!

In this class you will learn some individual variations and some that will catch your partner, either lead or follow, by surprise!

This class is being offered for two different levels.


Teachers: Julia & Wouter

Level: Green with swing out experience, date & time: Monday 16th December, 1930 - 2100

Level: Blue & above, date & time: Tuesday 3rd December, 2000 - 2130

Cost: 15 euro


Solo Jazz classes


 Shim Sham

Tata tadada tadada tadada... yes, it is Shim Sham time!
When 'T'aint what you do' is played during socials, everybody runs to the dancefloor to join in this fun short routine. Maybe you have seen it, and tried to copy it already? Originally a tap dance routine, there are many versions used by Lindy Hoppers, the most popular being choreographed by Frankie Manning.
In this workshop we teach you all the steps and practice the whole routine. No more 'fake it 'til you make it'!


Teacher: Wouter

Date & time: Wednesday 11th December, 2000 - 2100

Level: all levels solo

Cost: 10 euro


 Jazz Lab: Fast & flashy footwork

Footwork is a big part of Swing dance, Bebop and many other dance styles! In this workshop we will dive into several ways of using our feet and legs in different ways and with different rhythms. Get ready to get sweaty!

Teacher: Jeroen

Date & time: Tuesday 10th December, 2045 - 2145

Level: Mixed level, no specific experience required.  If you took the jazz lab course already - don't worry, there will be new material for you.

Cost: 10 euro


Trickeration Routine


Trickeration is a routine that is very linked to legendary Savoy dancer Norma Miller. She sadly passed away this year, a few months short of her 100th birthday. Traditionally Trickeration was a chorus line routine that has been preserved thanks to Norma, and now is your chance to learn it too!

Teacher: Jeroen

Date & time: Tuesday 17th December, 1930 - 2200

Level: As the name already says the Trickeration is a tricky routine. A healthy dose of Solo experience is required!

Cost - 20 euro