Next round of lessons will start in the week of 10th September 2018 - Registration will open on the 3rd August 2018, at 18:00!

Registration procedure

Lindy Hop is a social partner dance: meaning we need a (more or less) equal amount of leaders (most often - men) and followers (most often - women) to pair up during the lessons. The partners change all the time, so you will not be dancing with the same person all the time. You may sign up on your own, however we tend to have more follows willing to join then leads, and signing up with a partner will help you secure a spot in the course.

When purchasing a couple ticket, you will have a place reserved in the course immediately (as long as the course isn't full).

When purchasing a single follower or a single leader ticket, you will be placed on the waiting list until more people from the opposite role register. 

Registrations from the waiting list are being processed based on the date (oldest registrations are being processed first). The only way to get ahead of other people who have already signed up to the waiting list earlier, is by purchasing a couple ticket.


When purchasing a couple ticket - please make sure to enter the NAME and the E-MAIL ADDRESS of your partner in the comments box!

Check the Prices page for the most up to date information on the discounts and how to receive them.

Before you register

Select carefully the course you want to register for. We advice to first read which level to sign up to, check the schedule to confirm the day and the time of your chosen level. If you are unsure about your level, please speak to the teacher who is currently teaching you. If you are currently not taking lessons with Swing in Rhythm and have Lindy Hop dance experience, please contact us for advice.

HAVE YOU READ THE REGISTRATION PROCEDURE ABOVE? Even if its not the first course you are registering for, information above will answer a lot of your questions. We frequently get asked why someone's partner does not receive lesson recaps or how to have a discount for the course. Please read above and hopefully your questions will be answered!


Login Form

Please log in to register for lessons.

After logging in, you will be redirected to the list of tickets available for the courses. If that does not happen, please select the following page on the top menu: lessons -> registration -> my registrations (only visible once logged in).