Did you know?

In the world of Lindy Hop, May has been declared Frankie Manning month and today (26th of May) is his actual birthday. But who was Frankie Manning and why is he considered such an important person in the Lindy Hop world? Read on to find out!

    In partner dances, there are two roles: the leader and the follower.
    How do we choose which one we do? Traditionally men are leader, and women are follower.
    But do we actually really choose which one we do, or do we just follow tradition?
    What were your motivations to start leading or following?

    Have you ever wondered what makes a good shoe in which to swing dance?
    To hop or shuffle at ease, dancers must consider a number of things:
    comfort, sole, heels, style.

     So you started Lindy Hop and don't know where to begin your musical journey? 
     For you, here is a rather comprehensive list of Jazz and Swing artists, for your enjoyment.