The length of a course

Our regular courses are 12 lessons (approximately 3 months) long. Colors will indicate which groups you may attend. Our first courses are green. If you are interested to learn Balboa, you will be starting with the Balboa Green. If you are interested to learn Lindy Hop, Swing Basics 1 is a course to start with and will be followed with either 'Lindy Classics & Swingout' or the 'Fast Dancing & Charleston' (or both if you are very enthusiastic!) next round.

No dancing experience?

You are welcome to join us! Check the lesson schedule - the next block of 12 weeks should be starting soon, just pick one of the courses that say: Swing Basics 1 (for Learning Lindy Hop), or Balboa Green (for learning Balboa). There might be more beginner groups during the same time period, but it takes place only once a week. You should choose the day of the week for your class before signing up and that will be the group you will attend.

Our coloured course levels

At Swing In Rhythm, the different courses are labelled by colours. We currently have green, blue, yellow and purple groups.


Course levels


At green, you’ve just discovered Lindy Hop, and you are overwhelmed, amazed and enthusiastic about the world of Lindy Hop. Here you will get a taste of the basics that will give you all you need to start social dancing and improvising. You will be taking lessons in green level for 2 or 3 rounds - starting with Swing Basics 1, followed by 'Lindy Classics & Swingout' or 'Fast Dancing & Charleston' in your chosen order or at once. If you are quick learner and enthusiastic, social dancing and practicing, taking two courses at once - you can join Lindy Blue already after 6 months of dancing.


When  you have completed green courses and are comfortable with the basics, in blue level you will be focusing on different themes that your teachers bring. There might be multiple "Blue" groups per week in the schedule, in which the material will be equally challenging. Therefore, you can choose the day that is most suitable for you.

The blue will be your group for around another year or longer. If you would like to take it easy (no time for extra practicing, social dancing, listening to swing music),  you can choose to enjoy just a lesson once a week and continue attending the blue lessons for longer.


At Lindy Yellow you are very comfortable with all the basics, the swingout (also to the faster tempo’s), are confident and subtle in your movement and are no longer worried about what to do in the next step or whether you followed it right. At yellow, besides the lessons, you have already been regularly social dancing and know some solo jazz (shim sham, tranky doo, or maybe even a big apple!), and are free to play around with the partner and respond to the music in your dancing. The tempo of the lessons and the music will go up and the material will be more challenging.


This is the highest level at Swing in Rhythm weekly lessons. In this level, you are not only regularly social dancing, but you are probably travelling for the international workshops. You are aware of the aspects of your movement you are working to improve, you seek feedback from your dance partners in the lessons or private lessons from the teachers. The lessons will focus on the smallest details of the dance, and come back to the basics to take a deeper look at their quality.