Private lesson

If you don't feel comfortable taking your first dance steps in a group, or if you already mastered the basics and would like more personal feedback focused on your individual dance skills, get in touch with us for the option to take a private lesson.

Wedding dance

Looking for something special for your Wedding dance? With or without dance experience, one of our teachers can create a choreography for you, and help you practice it before the big day. Note! Although we believe close to everyone can learn to dance, still developing a skill takes time - if you have little dance experience, we advice to start at least two months before the wedding day, with the minimum of 8 hours of training time throughout this time.


If you are looking for a way to break the ice during a festival, private or company party, we are available to teach a one-hour beginner workshop to get the night started.


Did you organize a vintage party and would you like to spice it up a bit? Or would you like to show others the fun of swing dance? We are able to give a high quality performance.

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